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Refund policy


The Buyer has the right to make a return of the Goods and/or be refunded in case he receives the Goods in inappropriate conditions such as damaged or defective.

The damages related to inappropriate packaging or inaccurate loading and stacking shall be investigated after the Buyer provides photos of the damaged boxes (all sides), the parts themselves and all labels.

The Seller may request the Technical report of the defective Goods from authorized service centers proving the part has a manufacturing defect and request the Buyer to execute the physical return at it original package with all labels on their places.

In case the Seller has been authorized to execute of all loading , stacking and delivery of the Goods by the Buyer the partial or full refund will take place on the Buyer account at the Seller system.

Shall the Buyer be able to sell the Goods at discounted price the Seller undertakes to refund the Buyer the amount equal to discounted amount of the sold goods by means of return this amount to Buyers account at Seller system.

In case the Buyer is not able to provide all necessary photos of the damaged and defective goods, boxes and labels the Seller reserves the right to refuse to refund the amount of sold Goods.

In case if at the moment of shipment and delivery there were third party authorized by the Buyer as Buyer’s forwarding and delivery agents the Seller may refuse to refund the whole or full amount of claimed Goods due to shared responsibility of the damages caused within the loading, stacking or delivery procedure.

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