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Spare parts for Kia Stinger wholesale


Wholesale supplier APEC offers Kia Stinger spare parts at low prices and with guaranteed quality. The company's warehouses are located in the UAE, Lithuania, and it is also possible to arrange delivery from some partner stores in Western Europe.

Why customers choose APEC

Auto parts for Kia Stinger, as well as other brands and series of cars, are inexpensive. This is due to the presence of its own warehouse in the free economic zone. The UAE port city of Jebel Ali offers entrepreneurs to conduct their business without making tax payments to the state treasury. That’s why the goods are sold to APEC buyers cheaper than similar spare parts from Europe and Asia.

Other advantages of the company:

  • Registration on the website gives access to download the accompanying documentation. This is convenient if there is a need to carry out components, consumables and car accessories through the accounting systems of the enterprise and the state;
  • Ease of customs clearance. APEC employees prepare the necessary documentation themselves. All papers are issued officially, so there will be no problems with the inspection bodies in the auto detailing shop;
  • Huge catalog. The company's warehouse always has more than 35 000 000 products in stock. Spare parts for Kia Stinger and other brands will arrive to the customer quickly;
  • Convenient delivery. Orders can be taken by pickup from a warehouse in the UAE, Lithuania, by sea to the point of the desired transport company or to the customer's address.

Also, the buyer will be accompanied by a manager. He knows all the existing delivery options to a specific city in the world. Payment is made to a bank account.

What components are needed for Kia Stinger?

If we are not talking about replacing front or back fenders, windshield or doors due to an accident, all passenger cars in this series have similar problems. Popular Kia Stinger auto parts purchased by workshops around the world:

  • induction charging system;
  • suspension control mechanism;
  • fuel injection pump, candles, special oils;
  • elastic bands on the trunk and doors.

During the use of small parts or insignificant components those increase comforts in the cabin suffer. The engines, control and cooling systems are quite reliable. The APEC Company offers all options of auto parts wholesale.

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