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Q: After the registration at the website was completed, I have not received the activation email.
A: If you have completed your registration till the end, checked the appropriate box confirming that you read the contract conditions and there has been the line “Your registration completed successfully!”  so there might be used wrong email address. Also kindly check your spam-folder.

Q: I cannot change the email address or the contact phone number in my account.
A: Our customers have no rights to change the contact information. Please contact us via phone: +971 4 8806635 or email us to and all the necessary changes will have been done.

Q: I have registered at your website and logged in but there is an information line “You cannot place an order till your data is not confirmed by the manager”
A: After the registration all you data has not been checked and confirmed by the manager or the activation has not come into force.

Q: I try to place an order via my cart but there is appeared an empty screen or the error report “Error. Try to repeat the request later”
A: Please make sure that you have checked the appropriate boxes “Order all”. Put it and re-order.

Q: When I try to change my password, after the email address is entered there is an information line “This email address is registered for several customers…”
A: In case the email address is registered for several accounts to change the password on your own account is impossible. Please contact us via phone: +971 4 8806635 or email use to:

How to issue the order

For legal entities

Registration of the order for legal entities can be done on a site and at the central office of the company «APEC».

With you your personal manager who will operatively react on arrived on-line the order will work and will check execution of the order from the moment of its placing before shipment.

After registration on our site and registrations of the contract you will have a possibility to receive on our the information on availability of spare parts, prices and delivery and payment terms. Also search of spare parts by their original part numbers is possible.

How to pay the order

To wholesale clients

Your order can be paid only by bank transfer to the settlement account of company «APEC».

  • All taxes are included in order cost.

Concerning registration of necessary documents you can address to your personal manager by phone +971 4 8806635 or via e-mail.

Decoding of statuses of the order

The new order – this status appears in "Member Zone" «Accounts and orders» once after the customer has sent the order for registration.

Suspended order – the advance payment for the order issued by the client hasn't been made. The order is in advance payment expectation.

The order is accepted – the order is confirmed by the manager. The advance payment for the order is brought or it is not required.

It is sent to the supplier – after acknowledgement of the customers’ order by the manager in there is an automatic mail sending from orders to corresponding suppliers.

Quantity change – necessary quantity of the spare parts specified in positions of the order of the customer is not available; when it happens smaller quantity change can follow or a delivery cancellation.

Delay – terms of delivery of the order to the customer can increase. It is connected with some deliveries carried out by sea or air transport, delays at customs are also possible.

Number of  transition – number transition on the given position has been carried out, it is connected with the absence of the necessary article, the alternative detail therefore is offered.

Price change – the price on the given position of the order can change. It is connected, as a rule, with a course change of currencies.

Has arrived on a warehouse – the current position has arrived on our warehouse and is prepared for delivery to the customer.

It is ready to delivery – after registration of all documents the customer can take away the order partially or completely from our central warehouse or in one of offices of sales.

It is delivered to the customer – if the client doesn't wish to take away the order independently and lives in Moscow or in other region of Russia, we suggest the client to carry out delivery to any address specified to it.

It is received by the client – the order partially or it is completely received by the client, at full shipment of the order to the client, order number gets to the archive, all movements on it stop.

Falsh-number – there was an error in instructions of number of a detail or the supplier was mistaken at order registration.

Delivery is impossible – for technical reasons the position in the order of the client can be cancelled and possibility to reorder this spare part is given to the customer..

Delivery is impossible – after the status «Delivery is impossible», the manager establishes the status «Delivery is impossible» as the supplier can't ship given spare part  by request.

It is cancelled by  the client – for any of several reasons detail delivery has been cancelled by the client.

It is returned by the client – the client for any reasons didn't accept a detail, and it has been returned.

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